Reading hall

Information for the readers

  • In the reading hall, the reader is allowed to have only 2 manuscripts or the corresponding photographic plate; 10 units of archival and historical documents
  • If the reader ordered a damaged manuscript or the manuscripts is written on the parchment, which cannot be taken out of the storage, he/she will be given a digital copy or a photocopy to work with
  • If the reader does not appear to the reading hall, his/her ordered manuscript will be returned to the storage (1 week)
  • The reader is obliged to be careful with the manuscript. Any type of photography or written remark is prohibited
  • Gloves are mandatory when working with the manuscript at the reading hall
  • if re-writing the manuscript, hard paper or a ruler is to be put under the line
  • It is prohibited to walk into the reading hall with a big bag; It is also prohibited to work with the fund material in an overcoat
  • The reading hall is completely free of charge


The National Centre of Manuscripts forbids following actions in the building:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Importing sharp objects
  • Smoking

Photography and videography is only admissible in exceptional cases and has to be permitted by the administration.


One, who wishes to work with the Centre funds, should bring proper application from an institution or an organization. The application should include information about the field of study and the aim of the research. The applicant is supposed to fill in the form, read the mandated rule and take responsibility to obey it.

The director of the centre or the head of fund management department may give out the permission to the applicant to enter the funds. The permission term is limited accordingly to the time needed for the research of the applicant, though, no more than a year. To delay the expiration of permission, applicant should submit another, additional form.

Note : As an exception, by the permission of the director of the centre or the head of fund management department, an individual, who is not linked to any institutions or organizations may also be permitted to work with the funds.

The reading hall working hours are set between 10:00 am – 18:00 pm. An individual, who wishes to study/research/acquaint with the manuscripts (Georgian/Foreign, archival funds, historical documents, photographs of Georgian manuscripts preserved abroad) is obliged to register as a reader and present following documentation:

  1. Application for workplace or school (if a student)
  2. Copy of an ID card
  3. 1 photo (3X4)
  4. Form (is filled in at the reading hall)


Reader, who is not able to bring an application from workplace or school, writes it super scribed to the director of the National Centre of Manuscripts. After receiving the resolution from the board, the reader may order the desired manuscripts (manuscripts ordered the day before, will be handed the day after).

For security purposes, the reading hall is equipped with surveillance cameras.