1. Kekelidze National Centre of Manuscripts library funds preserves 10 935 Georgian, 11 654 Russian, 6 496 foreign humanitarian books. The library holds 3 096 Georgian, 7 285 Russian and 4 000 other foreign periodical publications.

The main share of books and periodical publications are preserved in the store rooms; As for the encyclopedias, dictionaries and informational literature – they are stored in the reading hall.

The reading hall hosts a permanent exhibition of the new book and publishes annotations on the official Facebook page of the centre.

The library has a unified catalogue, which overviews the main fund of the library, as well as memorial museum-cabinets.

Apart from the centre employees, the library serves readers as well, who may use the funds of library and memorial museum-cabinets at the reading hall.

The readers will receive the ordered manuscripts (books) during the day twice – 12:00 pm and 16:00 pm.

The Christine Sharashidze rare publications cabinet is also available for the readers; they may order old-printed Georgian collections and other rarities.

The rare publications cabinet book fund may only be used in-place.

The working hours of library and cabinets is 10:00 am – 17:30 pm, Monday through Friday and is completely free of charge.