Permanent Exhibition

The “Georgian Manuscript” Exhibition

Permanent exhibition under the name of “Georgian Manuscript” is the most important exposition of the National Centre of Manuscripts. The visitor has an opportunity to travel from 7th to 18th century Georgian manuscript heritage world.

The exposition begins with first Georgian fully-preserved manuscript (7th century) and other different themes, such as: Biblical books, Astrology, Philosophy, secular literature etc.

Palestine, Mount Sinai, Tao-Klarjeti, Constantinople, Romana Monastery, Abkhazia, Shida Kartli – these are the geographical areas of the preserved manuscripts.

The unique exhibits include: Mokvi Gospels, ordered by Queen Tamar, “Knight in the Panther’s skin”, ordered by King Solomon I and King Giorgi XII.

Apart from permanent exhibitions, the National Centre of Manuscripts offers thematic exhibitions, which displays the original manuscripts and archival documents.


Working hours: Monday – Friday, 11:00-17:00

Visiting the exhibition is free of charge.

It is important to book the visit in advance.

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