Georgian Calligraphy


Georgian calligraphic school has centuries-long history. A book, re-written by someone’s hand, had instantly become a phenomenon. Throughout centuries, Georgian books were made in different literary hearths.

Bishops in different monasteries would write manuscript books and with great caution, they paid attention to graphic outline of the Georgian alphabet, decorated letters and other decorative elements.

Unfortunately, nowadays, the hand-written tradition is lacking popularity; many people do not understand what good a refined calligraphy may bring. For this reason, The National Centre of Manuscripts, Ministry of Education and Science and NGO “Tsami” (Second) decided to organize a competition (2010) – “Georgian Calligraphy”.

The aim of the competition:

Popularize Georgian writing system and Georgian calligraphy. Encourage and develop culture of hand-writing and demonstrate creative skills of competitors.


The competition is held in the following groups:

  1. Public and private schools – 7th-9th grades
  2. Public and private schools – 10th-12th grades
  3. Higher education stages: Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees
  4. Other interested parties
  5. Individuals living abroad

Format of the competition

Anyone, living in the Republic of Georgia as well as living abroad, may participate in the competition.

Stages of the competition

  • Selection round
  • Semi-final round
  • Final round

Awarding the winners

  • The jury is selected by the director of the centre by individual administrative-judicial act;
  • The first, second and third places will be determined in 5 competitive groups. Apart from this, a winner in different nominations will be named. The nominations will be determined by the jury according to the competition material;
  • The awards are determined by the organizers and other partner organizations;
  • The best calligraphic works will be taken out for an exhibition.