After structural changes in the national centre of manuscripts, there had been established following departments and offices:

  • Board of Directors (Management)
  • Organizational department
  • Department of clerical work
  • Department of financial and material resources
  • Office of finances and accounting
  • Office of material-technical maintenance
  • Office of centre purchases
  • Department of scientific collaboration, projects and public relations
  • Office of Public relations and cultural programmes
  • Office of foreign affairs and translation
  • Department of science, analytics and publications
  • Publishing office
  • Department of oriental and Armenian manuscripts
  • Department of Codicology and Textology
  • Department of Diplomatics and source criticism
  • Department of art criticism
  • Department of archival studies and electronic archive
  • Department of scientific bibliography, terminology and informational literature
  • Department of manuscript preservation and registration
  • Office of conservation and restoration
  • Department of exhibition-educational programmes and marketing
  • Department of library museums
  • Office of memorial museum-cabinets


  • Laboratory of Digitalization